4 Amazing Ideas for Wine Cellar Design That Will Inspire You

4 Amazing Ideas for Wine Cellar Design That Will Inspire You

Do you have a fixed wine o’clock when you head to the bar? Well, why don’t you turn a spot inside your house into a wine room or wine cellar? This will save you the time and energy of going out of your house. Whenever you are in the mood or are feeling tired, you can move to your wine room and get started. If you are wondering about the cost, you must know that you do not need a huge wine cave for which you have to spend thousands of dollars. Even a small pantry or a rough corner under the stairs can also be transformed into your very own wine cellar.

Are you looking for a few ideas to design the wine cellar? There are various wine cellars in Houston available in different styles to suit the varying tastes and sensibilities. And now you can also custom design these wine cellars.

Here, we have a few amazing ideas for your wine cellar design. Take a look.

  1. Contemporary

Nowadays, most of the people have modern apartments. If you want to have a wine room or a wine cellar in this kind of a space, then you will need a contemporary design for it. You can go for glass and stainless steel to build the wine cellar. It is a practical and functional design that will suit your modern lifestyle. If done carefully, the bottles will be displayed just like the one in a showroom that will also enable you to identify your wines easily and help you get a clean layout.

  • Traditional

Some people believe old is gold. And that is why just like wine, they also love the idea of ageing gracefully. So, when it comes to their luxury wine cellars, they go back all the way to the yester eras and pick a traditional design. If you have a large space, then you can try and build a wine cave cellar. Isn’t it fascinating? This might sound like straight out of the movies but you can actually build it with natural stone and even hard wood. Add arches and dome architecture for an old-world feel or a Mediterranean touch.

4 Amazing Ideas for Wine Cellar Design That Will Inspire You
  • Cozy & Intimate

Not many of us are blessed with a huge apartment or mansion to have a lavish wine storage area. But that also has a charm and beauty of its own. You can now create your own cozy and intimate wine corner well fitted into the walls of your home. You can design the unit with glass, metal, or wood, depending on your taste and budget. Just add a comfortable seating arrangement and entertainment facility so that you can enjoy a great meal with a glass of wine while watching your favorite game or movie. This is a perfect choice for those who want to get away but not very far away.

  • Creative Wine Cellars

It is not necessary to have a basement or a separate room for the wine cellar you have in mind. You can build it anywhere in the house if you think creatively. You can build a custom kitchen cabinet and change it into a wine cellar. Just make sure that all the requisite conditions for the wine cellar are taken care of like the optimum temperature, humidity, and so, and you are all set to have a perfect wine cellar right inside your kitchen. Or you can take any room without a wardrobe and build cotemporary shelves on that wall with small holes in them to place the wine bottles in a horizontal manner and their ends jutting out. These are very unique and will make a statement no matter where you build it.

Did you get some inspiration for building a wine cellar or for wine cellar restoration? Then quickly get in touch with a wine cellar designing company and order one today.

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