Water Heater Replacement

5 Common Warning Signs For A Water Heater Replacement

Although most household appliances will be able to last a very long time if they’re taken care of properly, it’s inevitable that homeowners will need to invest in replacements eventually.

This is the case for your home’s water heater, because although it’ll likely last around 15-20 years there will be a time when you need a water heater replacement.

What’s particularly difficult about these types of replacements is that it can be hard to recognize when it’s time to finally give in and invest in a new water heater, so what we’ve done on this page is compile 5 of the most common warning signs associated with water heater replacements so you can better know when is the best time to pull the trigger on a new one for your home!

1. Your Existing Water Heater Is Simply Too Old

One of the most important indicators for a water heater replacement is the age of your existing water heater system. Water heaters will typically last around 15 years when they’re taken care of and you’ve invested in any necessary maintenance.

However, as a water heater ages it’s inevitably going to start slowing down and showing symptoms of rather serious issues. So when you know your water heater is pushing 20-years-old, it’s simply a good idea to start looking into investing in a new one.

2. You’re Dealing With Frequent Water Heater Repairs

As your water heater ages, it’s likely going to need new components and all sorts of different parts. Frequent water heater repairs are pretty much inevitable given a certain period of time, even when you did regular maintenance in the earlier years of the water heater’s life.

When you’re dealing with frequent water heater malfunctioning, it’s another clear warning sign that you’re likely better off investing in a new unit.

3. Leaking

It’s always a serious hassle when your water heater starts leaking, and cracks within a water heater tank are a lot more common than most people would probably assume. This is largely due to wear and tear over many years, and the continuous contracting and expanding of a tank.

If you persist on running your water heater even though it’s experiencing leaks, you can end up posing serious structural damages and other issues throughout your property. This is why you should always reach out to your local plumbing team for a water heater replacement when you’re noticing serious leaking issues.

4. Disturbing Sounds Coming From Your Water Heater

It’s possible that your water heater will seem to be perfectly fine, but that you’re still experiencing serious issues within your water heater that are more difficult to recognize.

This is why you should always be sure to listen for any irritating or rumbling noises emanating from your water heater unit, because as these sounds become more frequent you’ll be running the risk of serious breakdowns.

These strange sounds are common warning signs that you should reach out to your local plumbing team and have them check things out, and it may mean that it’s time for your to get a new water heater.

5. You’re Experiencing Corrosion And Rust

When rust begins to develop on your water heater tank, it’s nearly impossible to fully resolve the issue. The only thing you can end up doing is replacing your water heater.

Corrosion and rust are always serious threats to metal, and this type of issue may be the final straw in you biting the bullet and purchasing a new water heater.

Reach Out To Your Plumbing Team To Learn More About When It’s Time For A Water Heater Replacement

If you recognize any of the above warning signs associated with water heater issues, then it’s time for you to talk with your plumbing team and consider a replacement.

You can speak directly with the plumbing specialists at Beehive Plumbing through the hyperlink at the top of the page to learn more about water heater replacements!

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