Common Residential Gardening Questions About Boogie Brew And Other Compost Teas

Common Residential Gardening Questions About Boogie Brew And Other Compost Teas

Compost teas have become wildly popular throughout the residential gardening world in recent years, and for many good reasons. 

It’s understandable how you may have questions oriented around compost teas and boogie brew, and this is because a lot of people are confused about these topics! 

We’re very fortunate to have partnered up with the compost tea specialists at Organic AG Products to help us compile this list of common questions that residential gardeners ask about these products. 

So here are some of the common questions oriented around boogie brew and compost tea: 

Q: Is it possible to brew compost tea for too long? 

Yes, it’s important that you don’t brew your compost tea for longer than 72 hours. Anything over this amount of time can cause problems. 

Q: How many days can you keep your boogie brew once it’s been completed? 

Boogie Brew and other compost teas can typically last around 2-3 days after the brewing process has completed, but you’ll have to continue your aeration process during this time. 

Q: Can compost tea be beneficial for all sorts of different produce plants?

Yes, compost teas and boogie brew options are very beneficial for all sorts of different plants. This is particularly the case for fruits and vegetables. It’s also safe for animals and humans to drink, but it’s best to not drink it for your own good! 

Q: What is the best way to apply the boogie brew compost tea? 

The recommended dilution rate for this type of compost tea is 1:5 when you apply the tea on a weekly basis. If you’re going to apply your compost tea on a monthly basis like a lot of residential gardeners choose to do, you should ensure that your dilution rate is no less than 1:20. 

Q: When is a foliar spray of compost tea appropriate for my plants? 

It’s always important for gardeners to be cognizant of the risks associated with direct sunlight and foliar sprays, because small droplets can end up burning plants and making them less aesthetically pleasing. That’s why the best time to use a foliar spray is in the very early morning of in the evening when the sun is not directly hitting your plants.

Q: Do I need an air pump to make compost tea?

Air pumps are 100% necessary when it comes to developing a good extraction of organic and biological nutrients from your compost tea. Even small, affordable pumps can do enough when you’re brewing a small batch of compost tea within a 5 gallon bucket. 

Reach Out To The Boogie Brew Compost Tea Experts For More Information! 

There certainly is a lot that residential gardeners can learn when it comes to mastering the art of compost tea, which is why it’s so understandable that you have questions and are confused about getting this process 100% correct. 

The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to go about this process all on your own, because there are plenty of industry specialists out there that will do their best to guide you through every step of the compost tea process. 

You can learn more about boogie brew and compost teas by speaking to the specialists at Organic AG Products via the link at the top of the article! 

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