Consider the effective 10 ways for newborn constipation relief.

Consider the effective 10 ways for newborn constipation relief

Constipation is a common problem in infants. However, parents are unable to know about it. It could lead to other health problems in newborn babies. You find that your baby feels uncomfortable, and hard pellets or stains are there in the diaper. Then, your baby is suffering from constipation. You need to provide the baby instant relief from it. Constipation is in the early stage. Follow the 10 ways to provide relief to your baby from constipation. 

10 ways that every mom should know to provide newborn constipation relief

  • Increase water consumption in babies: Babies and adults are struggling with the constipation problem. Therefore, give enough water to the baby to drink that helps to clear bowels. 
  • Introduce nutritious juice in your child’s diet: Prune juices are beneficial moving things in the baby’s body. It works out well in the minor constipation issue. Feed the baby with two ounces of juice initially then, increase consumption with time. 
  • Give the food items of high fiber: Carrots, Bananas, Cheese, and Cereals are the main things to include in a baby’s diet. These items are high in fiber content. Kids cannot say no to chew these food items.  
  • Check newborn temperature: Rectal stimulation help in the bowel movements of the baby. Take the thermometer and lubricate its tip with Vaseline. Wiggle its tip and then gently remove it to start the bowel movement. 
  • Try to help the baby do bicycle exercise: It becomes hard to regulate the baby’s bowel movements. Help your baby is doing the circular movements from their legs. The other trick is to place the baby on your baby and then lift the legs. 
  • Look for a new brand formula: Babies give their reactions differently on the ingredient formula. Check out if your baby is happy to have the particular ingredient formula. However, if not then, try to look for other brands for change of taste. 
  • Do Circular motion massage on baby’s tummy: Give circular motion massage on the baby’s body to soothe them. Take the baby’s oil and then gently do the massage with your hands. It stimulates the blood flow in the body of the newborn baby.  
  • Avoid doing certain things with your child: Don’t use the enemas; stimulate laxatives or mineral oil on the baby’s body. Doctors do not recommend doing so. 
  • Consult the doctor and give the glycerin suppository dose: Approach the doctor and ask how much suppository dose you should give to your baby. Then, start giving your child the exact amount of suppository. 
  • Give warm water bath to the newborn: You want to relax your baby then, give a warm bath. It allows the body of the baby to let go of what is inside of it. 


All babies are unique, like the little butterflies. In the early years, parents need to give them special care. Constipation is a common problem in young children. Parents can follow the tips that we have shared. However, if your baby’s condition does not improve then, consult the pediatrician immediately. 

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