Easier access to the internet has enabled consumers to buy shower tiles online. Online stores provide customers with the latest collection of shower tiles which vary in quality. These tiles can be used for decorating your shower area, enhancing its ambience. Making the correct choice as per your requirement is important. Premium quality shower tiles have a number of characteristics that you should take note of before ordering:

Characteristics Of Quality Shower Tiles:

Quality of shower tiles vary according to their cost of production, thickness and material. A good quality shower tile is expected to have the following characteristics :

  • Shower tilesshould be waterproof or moisture resistant.
  • For covering the floor of shower areas, the tiles should be hard and thicker, so that it can endure impact.
  • For backsplashes or covering the walls, thinner shower tiles are better as they would be resistant to scratch, moisture and spills.
  • Shower tilesmade of materials like porcelain, ceramic, slate, marble, stone, quartz, baked clay or resin are the best.

Types Of Shower Tiles

Ranging from simple to colourful and decorative shower tiles, all are available online in varying sizes. The different types of shower tiles in demand are:

  • Ceramic Tiles- These are usually made of composite materials like clay vitrified or fired to make it harder. These are thinner tiles set in beds of mortar or mastic with grouted joints. Ceramic tiles also include porcelain, quarry, mosaic and terrazzo looking tiles.
  • Porcelain Tiles- These are tougher and harder than ordinary ceramic tiles and are best for wet areas like shower area, bathroom, pool etc. The water absorption rate of such shower tilesisless than 0.5%. Porcelain stoneware tiles are now in trend. These are 20 mm thicker and often come in squares of 24 inches.
  • Marble- These are natural stone tiles that can be cut into different shapes and sizes for flooring purposes. This has another subtype called  marble looking tiles which are performance tiles, glossy and sleek in appearance, making your shower area look classy and shiny.
  • Terrazzo Tiles- This is another stone aggregate, preferred to raw cut stone tiles. These are mainly held in place using cement binders or other adhesives. Their smooth surfaces are water resistant and easier to clean. For decorative purposes terrazzo tiles are one of the best options for you.
  • Mosaics- Modern mosaic shower tilesare inspired from age old art of mosaics. They are used not only as a construction material but also for decorative purposes. Automation and digital image processing has made mosaic tiles widely accessible to average householders to decorate any part of their house or commercial property. Mosaic tiles are often made of ceramics, glass, terrazzo, porcelain, shell, beads or photographs. You can use photo mosaics to make a static image in your shower room by breaking an image into ceramic tiles. It shall make your shower room a picturesque one.

Thus, you can see the advantage of buying shower tilesonline. Online stores give you ample options to choose from at wholesale rates and exciting discounts.

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