Handy Expounds on How to Install a Split System Air Conditioner

Handy Expounds on How to Install a Split System Air Conditioner


If you don’t pay attention, installing a split system air conditioner won’t be easy for you. The air conditioner will perform inefficiently and consume much more energy if not installed the right way. Besides, the unit will also require more frequent maintenance. In this article, Handy expounds on how to install a split system air conditioner. If you follow the steps given below, you can easily install the system yourself. Read on to know more.

Installing the Indoor Unit

1. Choose an appropriate installation spot

First of all, you need to choose a wall that can accommodate both the indoor and outdoor units. Even if you are going to install the outer unit on another wall, make sure you go for a wall that can absorb vibrations.

Besides, there has to be a gap of 15cm between the ceiling and the unit. The same distance should be maintained on the right and left sides of the unit. From the ground, the indoor unit should be installed at a height of 7 feet. 

2. Install the mounting plate 

Choose a place on the wall to hold the mounting plate against. You can use a measuring tape or a bubble level to make sure the mounting plate is horizontal. Afterward, you can use a pencil to leave a mark on the points where you want to drill holes for fasteners. Once you have drilled a few holes of about 7 cm for the wires and pipes that go to the outdoor unit, you can mount the plate. 

3. Mount the indoor unit 

Next, you should take off the front cover of the indoor unit and lift it in the direction of the mounting plate. Send through a pair of copper pipes, the wire, and the drainage pipe through the outlet hole in the wall. 

The copper pipes should have smooth bands to ensure the highest cooling performance. If possible, you can bind all of them using electrical tape. Once everything is set up, you can go ahead and mount the internal unit on the mounting plate. Finally, you can reattach the front cover. 

Installing the Outdoor Unit 

Once you have installed the indoor AC unit, you can go outside and install the outdoor unit by following explain below. 

1. Choose an installation spot 

For best performance, it is better that you choose an open, shady location for the outdoor unit. This location should be away from water and direct sunlight, which will help with proper heat dissipation. 

2. Fix the brackets 

After you have chosen the best installation area, you can drill holes for the brackets. It is important to ensure that the drilled holes are horizontally aligned. Use the shipped fasteners for fixing the brackets in place. 

3. Mount the outdoor unit 

Now, mount the outdoor unit on the brackets. Make sure that the outdoor unit and the bracket holes coincide for proper installation. Next, bolt up the condenser with the bracket. 

4. Connect the wires 

Take off the cover to reveal the electrical ports. Follow the diagram of the AC unit to connect the cables to the condenser. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines while connecting the power wires to prevent damage. 

5. Connect the copper pipes 

Before you connect the copper pipes, don’t forget to use a vacuum pump for cleaning the pipes. Connect the copper pipes to the relevant ports using flare nuts. Don’t forget to tighten the flare nuts. Finally, you can open both of the gas valves.


As Handy explains, you can follow these simple steps to install your split system air conditioner without making grave mistakes. 

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