How you can vaccum and clean your oriental rug?

How you can vaccum and clean your oriental rug?

Most people like to use oriental rug because it keeps our feet warmer while providing a stronger aesthetic to tie’s a room design together. Although oriental rugs look good and use for decorative purposes to tie a room together, they get easily soiled due to foot traffic and being on the floor. The heavier materials require special cleaning to ensure they last longer for a  long duration. Not cleaning the oriental rug properly can cause damage to the structure and designs. As an oriental rug is made from heavy material it requires a lot of hard work in cleaning. If you are leaving in a dirty area and your rug is placed in a high foot traffic area it can get dirty easily, which means you need to vacuum it at least once a week or more depending on the foot traffic. When you put stair carpet runner or traditional hall runner they also get a lot of foot traffic as a result you need to vacuum your runners twice a week. Below we have mentioned how you can vacuum and clean your oriental rug.

How to vacuum oriental rugs?

1)It depends on the type of rugs

One thing to remember is the type of oriental rug you own. If you are owing a rug with a low pile you do not use the vacuum head itself. Instead, use the upholstery attachment. If you have a rug, with a study pile, then you can easily adjust your vacuum so that the brush that is attached with your vacuum cleaner does not come into contact. 

2) The Amount Of Soiling

The amount of dirt or soil also plays a vital role. If you have an oriental rug and hired a professional to clean your rug and do not see a lot of dirt or soil then you only need to clean your rug once a week. However, if your rug is not cleaned for a long time then you need a deep cleaning and vacuum it thoroughly.

3)The Type Of Vacuum

The type of vacuum also plays a vital role in this process. For e.g, if you have a high-power vacuum cleaner, you need to invest in a lower quality model for rug especially. Most oriental rugs should be vacuumed with little suction, and do not require the use of a brush. If you cannot adjust the level of suction or the brush, use upholstery attachments only.

4)Vacuuming Motion

When you vacuum your oriental rug, move your vacuum from side to side or across the rug, rather than using the rug from up to down. This allows you to vacuum across the grain of the fabric, and can easily be loosening and suck up the dirt.

5)Vacuuming The Back

While vacuuming the rug from the front you also need to vacuum it backward as well. This is important for the authentic oriental rug that lacks backing material, as dirt will still stick into its pile.

How you can clean your oriental rug?

1) Vacuum It 

The easiest way to clean your oriental rug is to use a vacuum cleaner. When vacuuming these types of rugs move in a V pattern three times. By doing this you can save your fibers from getting damaged. It is also very important to use the vacuum cleaner properly. Oriental rugs require vacuuming twice a month and it is necessary to do it on both sides of the rug so that all the dirt will accumulates on the tiny pocket of the vacuum.


Sweeping your oriental rug with the broom is an excellent idea for removing all the dirt from your rug. You must use the natural bristle broom that is only used for the rugs. Do not use the broom that you use for cleaning the rest of the floors.

3) Shaking

Another option for cleaning your oriental rug without using a vacuum is to take it outside, where you can shake all of your dirt. A good shake for thirty seconds to one minute should remove any collected dirt.

4)Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning is crucial for removing stains. The faster you treat a stain, the more you’ll likely get it completely removed. So make sure you take action very quickly so that your stain would not stay there for a longer period.


An Oriental rug can last for a longer period if only if you take proper care of it. Make sure that you clean your rug at regular intervals so that you can keep your rug from getting damaged. Above we have mentioned tips for you on how you can vacuum and clean your oriental rug.

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