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Master Plumber vs Plumber in Florida: What’s the Difference?

Are you curious about the differences between a Florida master plumber and a Florida plumber? Knowing the differences can help you make the right hiring decision when you need plumbing work done.

It is not about licensing differences. There are also certifications that differ by state. Master plumbers are more experienced than the other titles. They can also manage large plumbing problems and are more familiar with business management.

What does a Journeyman Plumber do?

The journeyman plumber is a plumber who has less experience. They tend to concentrate on the plumbing part of their job. A journeyman plumber must be able to fix blockages, install fixtures and pipes in accordance with building codes, handle all aspects of plumbing, plan and design systems for new construction, retrofit existing plumbing, and deal with environmental issues.

As apprentices or trainee plumbers, plumbers start their career as master plumbers. They work alongside master plumbers to gain experience and eventually become certified. A master plumber will probably supervise less as time passes. The journeyman plumber must pass a state-specific exam to earn the title master plumber.

What does a Master Plumber do?

To obtain a Florida plumber’s license, one must have at most four years of experience. A journeyman plumber must have a plumber’s and contractor’s license to move up to master plumber. This is what it means minimum of 7 years experience two years of that time were spent as a journeyman plumber.

To obtain a master plumber’s license, you will need both your plumber’s and contractor’s licenses. To qualify for a plumber’s license, you must have at least seven years of experience. Two of those years must have been spent as a journeyman. You will also need a contractor’s license to conduct business in the state.

Without proof of insurance, master plumbers cannot get their license in Florida. This is good news to Floridians who require plumbing work. It is important to note that master plumbers are not allowed to work without proof of their credentials or insurance.

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