When looking for a storage unit to store your stuff, vehicle, RV, or boat, you should research extensively to ensure you choose the right one for your needs. You don’t want your valuables to be open to the risk of theft, vandalism, or damage while in storage, so you have to choose a reliable storage facility. 

Moreover, you should consider the location and ease of access depending on how often you want to access your storage unit. You don’t want to wait for days when you want to access your storage unit urgently. Here is what makes a storage facility reliable.

Top-notch security

Security should be your number one priority when looking for a storage facility. The provider should assure you that your valuables will be there when you come back. Consider a storage facility with security amenities such as video surveillance, coded entry door locks, a strong gate, secure fencing, on-site security personnel, and alarm systems. That will give you satisfaction knowing that your valuables are in good hands.

Numerous size options

Consider a storage facility with multiple-size storage units in Boise. Not everyone needs the same storage unit size- your choice depends on what you want to store and your budget. A storage facility without many size options may mean that you will have to cramp your items in a small space or pay for a large area that you don’t necessarily need. A storage facility with a wide range of sizing options allows you to choose just the right storage unit or switch units as your space needs change.


Regardless of the level of security in the storage facility, accidents like fire, theft, and vandalism can happen. So what happens to your valuables in such a case? Insurance makes the difference between a reliable and safe storage facility and a regular one. Choosing a storage facility that is insured guarantees financial cover in an accident that impacts your stored items.

Climate controlled storage

If you are storing valuables such as a vehicle or boat, climate-controlled storage comes in handy to protect your vessel from damage due to temperature changes. Moisture can damage your car’s internal parts and corrode the metal parts. It is also harmful to other household items as it can be devastating for items made from wood and paper. It causes wood to expand, contract, warp, and even crack. Therefore opt for a climate-controlled storage unit to ensure maximum protection of your valuables.


You don’t want to store your RV or boat, and rodents and pests have made it their home the next time you pick it. An exemplary storage facility has a pest control plan to ensure pests do not damage your valuables. Opt for a storage facility that prioritizes cleanliness and pest control.

Last words

When choosing a storage facility, get one with the qualities mentioned above. It should have high security to keep out thieves and vandals and insurance to provide financial coverage in case of an accident. If storing temperature-sensitive items, opt for a climate-controlled storage unit.

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