Responsibilities Of A Real Estate Agent

Responsibilities Of A Real Estate Agent

It is hard to trust anyone easily if you are involved in a task that includes a large amount. You can find a trusted real estate professional that will provide appropriate and necessary information about the property. Essentially, they are a salesperson who helps in buying and selling property, but they work under the guidance of a real estate broker. They have a basic real estate license.

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What Listing Agent and Buyer’s Agent Do?

The agents who work for the selling party are called listing agents who guide the pricing of the property. In fact, agents provide tips to boost the price and offer more opportunities. Furthermore, the seller’s agent is responsible for the listing of property, networking, and advertising. 

The agent of the buyer party searches for the available property that can match the buyer’s requirement. They match the buyer’s price range, needs, and wish list to find the property. To ensure a fair bid, the agent researches past sales data on properties.

Once the bid is accepted from both sides, agents of both parties start to work. The agents complete the paperwork, convey messages or information and provide the best advice until the closing of the deal. But before you choose a real estate agent, you need to make sure that they are loyal to you about the transaction and information. 

Role of Agent

When the seller is ready to sell the property, they will contact the real estate agent, who will further lead the process on their behalf. Seller agents at Equinix use their best knowledge in the market to accurately price the property. Read further to know about the actual responsibilities of a real estate agent, which leads to the successful completion of the deal.

  1. Market Research

There are various clients who aren’t secure about the finances. The agents conduct market analysis and research to evaluate the most realistic price.

  1. Find Clients

Another step to sell or buy a property is to find a client who can value the bid. There are several ways by which agents generate leads, including advertising, adding a property to the marketplace, and network building.

  1. Develop a Competitive Market Price

The agents compare properties to find the best competitive market price. Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) helps the agent in listing prices. Further, they can create a report containing all details of the findings.

  1. Create the List of Properties

Agents create a list of sale properties that contain information related to location, features, and other details. Unique characteristics are also mentioned.


Real estate agents with state licenses are considered crucial for the entire buying and selling process. The agents are fully aware of the market and current trends. The agents professionally handle every step of the sale and purchase process. 

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