Solutions To Your Home Office Design Challenges

Solutions To Your Home Office Design Challenges

2020 was a tough year for millions of workers in North America. Even with COVID-19 prevention measures such as social distancing, there was always the risk of getting infected. For this reason, many companies had most of their employees work from home full-time or occasionally. And as the pandemic persists, it seems this will be the norm going forward.

A survey indicated that 75% of workers preferred working from home because of fewer distractions. But there is another challenge employees and entrepreneurs have to deal with when working from the comfort of their houses – home office design. Setting up a great home office is not as easy as you think. Use the following tips to revamp your home office.

Incorporate more storage

Most people don’t have adequate space for their home offices. There are chances your workplace is cluttered with paper, wires, and other work tools. Including more storage in your office space is a fantastic way of getting rid of clutter. First, get a desk with storage space to help clear most of the items you place on your desk. 

Secondly, put all your paperwork in portable file boxes or expandable folders. Destroy the papers you don’t need to file. Thirdly, reuse old household items to hold work tools. For example, you can use an old can to hold pens and markers. The fourth method is to acquire a storage material with wheels, for instance, a utility cart or rolling drawers. They come in handy if you decide to move your workspace to a different area or room.

Lastly, if your office is in your bedroom or near it, consider using the extra close space to store your office supplies. You can even make extra cabinets in your closet to create more storage compartments.

Appropriately divide your space

You can effortlessly design a one-person office space, but what if you have three people who need a workspace in the same home? You may struggle with things like the amount of space to allocate each person and the kind of storage material to use. It gets more complicated if the floor space is small. Aura Office can help you divide your office space properly.

Create multi-purpose rooms

Most people don’t have enough space in their homes to have their workspace in a separate room. So, you have to be creative with the limited space you have. You can create space in your living room or convert the guest bedroom into your office.

If you use your living room as your office, consider using smaller furniture to allow space for movement. Go for a lightweight desk, sofa, and chair. You may even mount a floating desk instead of using the traditional desk. If the storage space is little, consider using vertical storage. Wall shelves can help you store books, files, paintings, potted plants, and toiletries. You can add hooks below your shelves to create more space to hang things like baskets and umbrellas.

A pegboard is also great for hanging calendars, to-do lists, a paintbrush, a pair of scissors, and anything else you can hang. Another solution is to store some of your household materials in containers and bins, which you can place on top of each other to save floor space.

Get rid of some cabinets to open up more working space

Most traditional cabinets are large and take a lot of floor space in a room. If you want to create more space, replace the cabinets with other storage solutions like floating shelves and pegboards. These will not take up much space, and you can set up your office in the area.

Designing an amazing workplace will not only make your home look neat but also improve your productivity. You can use the above tips to create the home office design you’ve always wanted.

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