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Some Top Uses for Diamonds

When most people hear the word diamond, they automatically think of jewelry, picturing a beautiful engagement ring or stunning pieces that adorn the necks of the rich and famous. But diamonds can be used for a multitude of purposes, some that you might never have thought of. 

What are Diamonds?

Diamonds are naturally occurring minerals made of carbon. They are formed at extremely high temperature and pressure, deep beneath the Earth’s surface (meaning that they need to be mined to extract them). They are the hardest natural substance in the world, and they can cut a variety of materials. 

However, because of their beauty they are typically used in jewelry. Clear diamonds as well as those with defects that give them colors such as blue and yellow are rare and, as such, very valuable. Only around 20 percent of diamonds found are suitable for jewelry making. Large diamonds are extremely valuable because of how rare they are. The diamonds that don’t make the grade in terms of jewelry making are classed as industrial diamonds. Below are some of the ways in which these industrial diamonds might be used. 

Dentist Equipment

It is necessary for dentists to use equipment capable of boring precise holes in teeth to treat cavities. Their drills are tipped with tiny diamond particles that allow for the cavity to be reshaped and then filled. 

Cancer Treatment 

A revolutionary new cancer treatment uses diamonds – or nanodiamonds to be exact – to help deliver chemotherapy drugs. Researchers have created a patch that is coated with tiny diamonds which slowly release the drugs. The hope is that the severity of chemotherapy side effects will be reduced when the medication is delivered in this way. The way in which diamonds reflect light allows them to quickly detect and then destroy cancer cells. 

Cutting Tools

Because of it being the hardest known natural substance, diamond is used in the cutting of other hard materials, including rock, stone, porcelain, and metal. According to manufacturers of such blades, Devour Tools say that synthetic diamonds are crushed and mixed with powdered metal before being bonded to metal blades and used in a variety of industries.

Audio Equipment

Diamonds are used in audio equipment as they can enhance the quality of the sound. The hardness of the diamonds allows them to vibrate very rapidly without affecting sound quality. They are also commonly used in the tips of record player needles as they provide a more accurate reading of the information on the vinyl record. The diamond also ensures the needle lasts much longer. 

Computer Components

Some computers contain small diamond pieces in various parts because of their thermal power, which makes them great heat conductors. The use of diamonds in powerful computers makes them safer as they are capable of handling strong electrical impulses. 

Cutting Diamonds

Because of how hard diamonds are, only a diamond can cut another diamond. This means that diamond cutting tools are necessary for shaping and cutting diamonds when making jewelry. 


Diamonds are also used to cut and etch through glass and other materials such as quartz or granite. They are used to engrave wording on trophies for awards ceremonies and sports events. 


Most of us don’t realize the importance of diamonds and simply see them as a beautiful gem to adorn the body. However, their ability to cut through the hardest materials in the world makes them ideal for use in cutting tools used in industries from dentistry to medicine and audio equipment. There are no doubt going to be even more uses for diamonds in the future as scientists look for more ways to harness the power of this tough mineral.

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