Tips On How to Best Take Care of Your Painting Materials

Tips On How to Best Take Care of Your Painting Materials

If you are someone who either owns a home and is frequently renovating the rooms in your home with new paint, or a business owner who likes to keep things fresh and new in their office space, or maybe you’re just someone who is a natural-born creative and likes to frequently get their hands dirty with painting materials but you struggle with knowing how to properly take care of all your painting tools… then you’ve come to the right place. We know how frustrating and time-consuming it can be when you’re excited to start a new painting project and when you go to gather the necessary tools for the job, they are dried up and almost unusable from the last time you painted with them. So in order to prevent this from happening to you ever again, we’ll be going over the best ways to care for and maintain all of your painting materials that you use on a regular basis so that each time you go to use them again, they are clean, prepped, and ready to be used to their full potential on whatever you next painting project might be, big or small. So, let’s waste no more time and get right into it!

How to prep your paint

  • Be sure to keep your paint cans in a cool and dry place between projects (the consistency will change if left in an environment that is exposed to extreme weather conditions)
  • Wipe away excess paint from the outside of the can between uses BrushMasters
  • Ensure that the lid of your paints are secured tightly to prevent the paint from drying out or spilling out the next time you go to use it
  • Keep the paint cans off the floor to prevent rust from forming around the metal
  • Paint can be stored for up to 10 years

How to prep your paint brushes and rollers

  • Thoroughly clean your paint brushes and rollers with soap and water after each use
  • Allow plenty of time for them to air dry
  • Wrap the entire head of the brushes and rollers in plastic wrap and create a seal at the base with tape in order to preserve their optimal functionality for as long as possible
  • Always store your brushes and rollers in an upright position so that the bristles do not become misshapen over time
  • If the bristles of your brushes are already misshapen, you can dip them in boiling water and comb them out to be good as new again

How to prep your other painting tools

  • Buy high-quality roller frames that disassemble for easy cleaning
  • Purchase tray liners, stir sticks, and masking tape in bulk (these will need to be fresh and new for each painting project)
  • Any other tools you use should be cleaned with soap and water between uses

How to prep your space

  • Empty the space of furniture, art, and interior accessories
  • Remove trim pieces
  • Set up your workstation area where you’ll have all of the tools you need
  • Place your masking tape around the edges of areas you want to avoid getting paint on
  • Place a plastic drop cloth on the floor to prevent stains from dripping paint

As you can see, there are many essential steps to prepping your materials, tools, and space between each painting project that you take on. Many of these tips are necessary for your painting project to come out with the best results possible without having to hire a professional service to do the job for you. If painting is something you enjoy or find yourself doing often, we encourage you to follow these tips for your next painting project, and we’re confident that if you do, the results will be beautiful.

At Brush Masters, we strive to achieve the vision behind our name. Being the best at what we do by mastering all skills within our trade. Our industry-leading credibility combined with our team’s knowledge and experience gives us an advantage in our approach to each project. Since our inception, we have analyzed the common hassles associated with hiring a home improvement company, so we can confidently assure you that by our unique approach, those hassles and fears are guaranteed to be eliminated throughout the duration of your service. We would be grateful to be at your side in completing your upcoming painting project.

If you have any further questions regarding how to prep for your next painting project, how we can help, our prices, or any of our other services (such as interior painting, exterior painting, carpentry services, and commercial painting), please do not hesitate to We look forward to hearing from you soon so that we can make your painting efforts come out the best they can and as beautiful as possible because you deserve a space that reflects who you are.

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