If you are one of the coffee lovers there-recent research shows that more than 60% of Americans drink coffee every day-you may own some kind of coffee maker. With the coffee maker, you can brew your favorite beverage in the comfortable kitchen, which is not only convenient, but also saves time and money if you repair it in the coffee shop now. But with so many options, how do you choose the coffee machine that best meets your needs?

Several different styles are popular today. However, thanks to them, disposable coffee machines like Keurig have become very popular in recent years. There are even some models that combine injection fluid and one-to-one structural activities. In addition, you can also find people who make handmade coffee, such as pouring coffee and French press, some people prefer sweetness. For all these purpose we recommended you to the list of best coffee maker under 100 starting from drinking your favorite coffee, there are some important things to consider. When you stop at Starbucks or Dunkin’, did you order hot coffee or cold coffee? Cold preparation? Latte? Hot tea? Today’s coffee machines can make all these drinks, and more, so you need to find an easy-to-drink brand.

It is also helpful to think that how much you want to make coffee regularly. For a coffee-drinking family, a ten-cup coffee, this machine is best and good choice for you, but for those who live alone, it is best to use a one-time service coffee machine like Keurig. Finally, consider how long you are willing to devote yourself to the task of brewing coffee. If you seem to go out early, you would prefer a motor that can do the work for you, but those who like to taste this season might like this casting process.

HAMILTON BEACH               

Whether you want to drink a cup of coffee or serve a whole pot of guests, Hamilton Beach 2 Brewery can meet your needs. These special coffee machines allow you to make a single cup of coffee or a full 12 cups of coffee, so you will get everything you need. In addition, an optional option is attached to the standard basket so that you can use a soft coffee cup.

This coffee has brewing options, It has an automatic stop and service function, so you can pour the curry before completing the seed cycle and heat the coffee on a non-stick heating plate for up to two hours.


Cuisinart Brew central stainless steel coffee pot can provide 12 cups of coffee, which is the best choice for people who drink one or more than 1cup of coffee every day. This highly rated coffee maker also has a variety of useful functions, including 24-hour program preparation, temperature adjustment, automatic shut-off function and time indicator light.

This coffee machine is equipped with ergonomic equipment, drop point and knee protectors, and is equipped with a golden filter, size measurement and coffee starter pack. It may not be the most popular machine there, but Cuisinart Brew Central continues to receive praise from buyers who like can be used for many years.


If you want excellent coffee, then you need a Jura E6 espresso machine. Although expensive, this high-tech equipment makes your morning drink a hand-made beverage-grinding beans, shortening the production time, and even shortening the growth of milk thistle, all without your fingertips.

This high-quality coffee has seven cappuccino programs, two cups of coffee, coffee, two cups of espresso, espresso, milk froth or hot water-you can control everything from water to equipment temperature Things are classified. The machine will also automatically clean and notify you when a new filter is needed, and if you install the Smart Connect icon (sold separately), you can even control the coffee machine on your phone.

Don’t you believe it’s worth paying a high price? Just read some great reviews: “Jura E6 is an amazing and best machine. Just pour in the beans of your choice, then grind and produce one or two cups at a time. You can beat your own strength and the size of the cup, This is orderly.


If you prefer handmade coffee, then this Coffee Maker can pour your books into the design and help you finish a cup in a few minutes. Just put the mashed potatoes in a metal mesh sieve, and then pour a small amount of hot water on it to “flower”.

Then, you can pour toilet and drain it into a carafe. The process is simple and takes four minutes in total. In addition, borosilicate glass coffee can heat the remaining coffee, in case you need to return it to the second cup.


If you like the convenience of a single cup of corrugated iron coffee, then the Kaurig K-Classic coffee machine will never go wrong. These brands of machines have become the gold standard for disposable coffee machines because they are easy to use and can provide a cup of sweet coffee.

This special keurig is available in cup sizes of 6 ounces, 8 ounces and 10 ounces, and has a large capacity reserve of 48 ounces, allowing you to cook more than 6 cups before filling. You can plan to shut down the machine after two hours to save energy and reduce the workload of maintaining the cleanliness of internal operations. You also don’t have to worry about missing your favorite coffee brands-you can find various K cups on Keurig K-Classic, where you can use them, including Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Folgers, etc.

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