Top 3 cleaning tools every home needs

Aren’t you sick of using the same typical home products around the house whether it’s hand tools, power tools and even cleaning tools. It’s always a good idea to upgrade the products in your home because with time products are being created to make your daily home chores easier and even save you so much time.

We’ll be sharing some cleaning tools in today’s blog that we think is a must in every home. We know that there are typical tools and products that are used to get your work done around the house, but wouldn’t it be great to get something that does the exact same work but better, faster and also considered healthier for your home? You ask healthier how..

Let’s say you’re used to using a specific floor mop to clean your floors and of course you have to add cleaning solutions to it otherwise you’re just cleaning with water and that basically does nothing in term of actually cleaning and being hygienic.Do you even know what those cleaning products have in them? Do you read the ingredients in the back before purchasing? Most of these products have so much chemicals that it makes them more harmful to the human body without you even realizing it. Chemicals have a way in penetrating the skin, you could breathe it in as well and they could cause all sorts of buildup in your body.

We’re here to help you to choose the right cleaning products in terms of how practical you need it to be, the quality of the product and of course the uses of it. When you think of cleaning products you’re probably going to think of all sorts of tools you need to use for different areas in your home, you’ll even think of the different products to use for example, cleaning your floorsneeds a different product than cleaning your let’s say walls, your kitchen and bathroom have different cleaning products and so on.

What if we tell you that there are tools out there that are created to be used on all sorts of areas in your home. The same tool can be used to clean your floorings, bathrooms, kitchen and basically any room in your house.

In this blog we’ll be introducing the top 3 tools that we think are essential to have and can be usedin your home to get your daily chores done in no time. Each product will be mentioned separately along with points to how it’s used and the different accessories it comes with.

The product we think deserves to be mentioned first is the Steam mop from the well known brand Black+Decker. This product is one of the most practical and useful productsout there and we’ll explain why we think it needs to be in every home. The steam mops are very practical cleaning tools because they offer so many cleaning options that you’d be surprised of how can one tool do all that work with just steam. Of course it all depends on the model you go for, the difference between the models that Black+Decker offers is the amount of accessories it comes with. We prefer the model that is 15 in 1 because it provides the most cleaning options.

Let’s note down some of it’s uses:

  • It cleans different types of flooring ( Stone/Marble, Tile/Vinyl, Wood/Laminate)
  • Kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria with no chemicals required ( all with the power of steam)
  • Cleans any surface around your home ( you just need to choose the right accessory that comes with it)

You could check out the different models and read about their different uses on HomeWagon, and don’t hesitate to ask them any questions if you had any about any of the models you’re interested in or just need help in choosing the right one for your home.

The second cleaning tool we’ll be chatting about is the Black+Decker vacuum models. Just like the steam mops, there are different models of the vacuum cleaners and you could choose the model that offers the features you’re looking for. Our personal favorite is the 2in1 Cordless Allergy vacuum cleaner because of the allergy filter feature it offers. Other than it’s unique neon green color, this vacuum is amazing and we’ll have some of it’s cleaning options noted down for you:

  • It has a SMARTEH feature making the cleaning process easier by adjusting the suction as you vacuum your floors.
  • High performance and anti-allergen filter that captures 99.99% of dust particles.
  • Offers different accessory tools such as a 6-inch nozzle, upholstery brush and a crevice tool.

You could also find the different models at HomeWagon along with different cleaning tools for your home. Very practical products that once you get them you’ll realize why haven’t you purchased them sooner.

And last but not least, a product that’s so useful but for the outdoors area of your home. Ever heard of a pressure washer? If not then we’re about to let you think that your front yard, car, and outdoor windows need a makeover. A pressure washer is a cleaning tool that you can tell by the name of it offers cleaning options featuring some kind of pressure. Yes, the pressure of water is all you need for the areas that we mentioned because a simple water hose isn’t going to do the job properly. Let’s mention some of the features of this awesome cleaning tool:

  • It has a high pressure gun that you connect to a 3M hose.
  • Adjustable spray nozzle, rotary spray nozzle and a foam sprayer.
  • Power rating of 1400W, Max pressure of 110 Bar

It’s perfect for washing your front yard, outdoor windows that are considered difficult areas to clean, and it’s perfect for giving your car a nice wash without having the hassle to taking it to any carwash. Again a perfect and practical cleaning tool that you should consider purchasing to upgrade your home improvement products collection.

Like we mentioned before, you could find and purchase all these products online at HomeWagon without having the need to go to any convenient store. Don’t think about hesitating to ask any questions you have in mind about any specific products they’ll be more than happy to help.Take a look at their other categories as well, you’ll find all the products that you’ll need for that home improvement tools upgrade.

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