Your Guide to Getting Perfect Family Bathroom Renovations in Castle Hill

Large-scale bathroom renovations in Castle Hill help homeowners create family-friendly bathroom spaces. Here are some family-friendly features that deserve to be added to your bathrooms. 

If you’re accustomed to living in homes designed for two people, things can get messy when you have children or guest visits. Things get especially messy inside bathrooms. Thankfully, with the right renovations and the addition of a few helpful features, homeowners can transform their bathrooms into family-friendly spaces.

Here’s a brief guide on getting family bathroom renovations in Castle Hill – 

  • Make the Bathroom Couple-Friendly

The “moms” and the “dads” of the house need to be perfectly satisfied with their bathroom spaces. So, while getting renovations, these are the things that homeowners need to focus on to make their bathrooms “couple-friendly” spaces – 

  • Get Two Separate Sinks

For working couples, getting ready in the morning is always challenging. Installing bigger vanity units with two separate sinks attached to them makes bathrooms extremely space-efficient. 

  • Install Full-Size Mirrors 

Full-length bathroom mirrors not only help couples see everything they need to see in themselves, but they also make bathrooms appear bigger. 

  • Create Separate Storage Spaces 

Couples store a ton of stuff in their bathrooms – cosmetics, razors, shaving products, toiletries, etc. By creating separate storage spaces, couples can keep their bathrooms clean, spacious, and convenient at all times. 

Small bathrooms can become cluttered very fast. These simple and cost-effective bathroom renovations in Castle Hill allow couples to create space-efficient bathrooms for themselves. 

Making the Bathroom Kid-Friendly 

Once the bathroom is made suitable for couples, the next focus of the renovation project should be the children’s bathroom. Some easy ways to make bathrooms kid-friendly include – 

  • Use Child-Friendly Accessories

Adding bathroom accessories like non-slip bath mats, toilet locks, electrical outlet covers, grip-enhancing stickers for bathtubs, etc., to a normal bathroom can make it instantly kid-friendly.  

  • Install Smaller Bathtubs 

Bathtubs are designed primarily for adults, but several kid-sized bathtubs in the market can serve as temporary bathing spots for kids until they’re old enough to use normal-sized bathtubs.

  • Add More Shelves 

Wall-mounted shelves are super-easy to install. These shelves can be used by kids to store bathtub toys, shampoos, reading materials, etc. 

  • Install Bright Lighting 

Bright LED lights make bathrooms appear larger and cleaner. Children feel more comfortable using well-lit bathrooms. 

Making the Bathroom Suitable for Senior Citizens 

Senior citizens deserve to use bathrooms that are safe, slip-free, and well-illuminated. Tales of senior citizens suffering from bathroom accidents are way too common. To make sure senior citizens don’t suffer from serious injuries, homeowners must – 

  • Install Grab Bars 

The installation of grab bars on showers, bathtub walls, and beside toilets makes life a lot easier for senior citizens. They can grab onto these bars when they feel dizzy or tired. 

  • Install Emergency Call Buttons 

Emergency call buttons inside bathrooms send off alarms whenever senior citizens need assistance. If they fall or hurt themselves, they can press these buttons to immediately alert family members or local emergency services. 

  • Add Shower Chairs 

Waterproof, stable, and tough shower chairs help senior citizens retain their balance while bathing. 

Strategic family bathroom renovations in Castle Hill allow homeowners to create bathroom spaces suited to their needs and the needs of their family members!

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