Your Ultimate Guide To Selecting The Right Outdoor Curtains

Your Ultimate Guide To Selecting The Right Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor living is one of the notable aspects of modern-day living due to the increasing amount of time people spend at home and remote working. Many homeowners are now upgrading and expanding their outdoor spaces to accommodate outdoor living and make their patios as inviting as their interiors. One of the ways to achieve a stylish and inviting patio is to add outdoor curtains to create an intimate open air space.

Outdoor curtains stand out due to their durability. They are meant to withstand the rigors of outdoor weather without discoloration, tearing, or developing mold. They are manufactured from weather-resistant materials, and many of them are UV resistant to maintain their color over time.

How are they installed?

For extra hardiness to withstand outdoor weather elements like extreme wind, outdoor curtains are usually fitted along the header with reinforced grommets or hanging tabs. Selecting outdoor curtains made of a heavier fabric can offer more protection from UV rays and even control the temperatures in your patio during the hot summers.

Types of outdoor curtains

Outdoor curtains come in different materials, which stand out for their durability and resistance to harsh weather. 

  • Acrylic fabric is better for outdoor curtains, especially if you want vibrant solid colors. The only downside is that the material accumulates a static charge that attracts fur; therefore not the best option if you have pets.
  • Olefin fabric is UV resistant and colorfast, making it suitable for outdoor spaces exposed to excessive sun. The material is also soft and lightweight.
  • Polyester fabric is cheaper than the fabrics mentioned above, and the best thing is that it comes in assorted colors and prints. It drapes well, but it is prone to discoloration under direct sunlight.
  • Cotton and canvas are natural fibers, ultra-absorbent but slow to dry.

Which are the best colors for outdoor curtains?

Let’s look at some of the popular colors.

  • Botanical prints have nature-inspired prints to compliment the outdoor scenery and garden location. You can choose lush tropical prints or bright floral patterns.
  • Neutral solids have homespun textures that mimic raw linen and cotton. You can choose a bright color to filter in the natural light or darker colors to block harsh sunlight.
  • Bold solids are an elegant coastal look with beach stripes. They add some softness to your outdoor space, and you can coordinate them with your outdoor decor color.

Ideally, it is best to match your selection of outdoor curtains with the architectural style of your home. Depending on your style, you can go for a vintage, romantic, or eco-chic look. For instance, vintage-style outdoor curtains can bring out the ultimate look if you have antique patio furniture. Draping gauzy curtains that shift to let in the breeze paired with glowing lanterns can bring out the romance element in your patio.

final words

Outdoor curtains have the perfect mix of functionality and style, whether you need some heavy drapes to keep out the sun or want some lightweight curtains to bring out the breezy beach vibe. Ensure you pick a suitable fabric based on your weather and use.

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