Decorative Eggs: Venice’s Ancient Colors

There is a working sector that has contributed to making the name of Venice the greatest in the world to the point that even the Serenissima or Republic of Venice has protected it in the past. It is precisely the glass-making sector. 

All the tourists who come here still want to leave Venice with some souvenirs, so why not one in the authentic Murano Glass? A splendid island with a few thousand inhabitants, Murano intrigues its visitors thanks to its very romantic views and a history that dates back to the year 1000. Glass processing in those years was already flourishing for some time and this makes us understand what tradition is hidden behind this practice. 

The furnaces were initially located in Venice but were later moved to the island of Murano due to its wooden buildings and the risk of fire. At the end of 1200, therefore, the Doge decided to move all the furnaces to Murano. Determining the displacement is not only the need to prevent fires but also the desire to better protect the secrets of glassmaking by controlling the Master Glassmakers. There were many foreign powers who wanted to compete with the Glass of Venice but did not know the techniques, which is why the glass masters were such a supervised and protected category that they could not leave the country and carry out the secrets of Venetian Glass with them.

As you can imagine, Murano Glass is an exclusive symbol of Venice’s tradition and fascinating artistry. At YourMurano, we then take the responsibility to convey those ideals through authentic Murano Glass items. Designers and artists from all over the world work with Murano Glass factories to create pieces that give that extra touch of class to homes. It seems incredible what and how many shapes can be given to the glass both to make the murrine and to create extraordinary polychrome art pieces. As a result of everyday hard work, devotion, and ancient glass-making techniques, our Glass Masters create unique and elegant products. Among the many techniques to create beautiful glass objects, the best known and fascinating is perhaps that of blown glass with which mirrors, chandeliers, glasses, and unusual items of all shapes are also made. Talking for example about centerpieces, our Murano Glass Eggs are the perfect decoration for your dining table or even for your furniture. Their colors shine through unique contrasts and sinuous lines, resulting in a splendid ornamental piece. Their decoration takes place cold; the colored enamel is spread with a brush, then the object is cooked so that the enamel becomes one with the glass. Fascinating is also the gilding with gold leaf obtained by breaking down a piece of gold between pages of leather until the piece of gold becomes as thin as a leaf. 

Glass Eggs are simple and fun items you can place wherever you like the most. Try displaying them in a set as your table’s centerpiece, or place them above a cabinet, furniture, bookcase, and so on. Elegant but featuring a modern style, this kind of glass item becomes the perfect gift idea for every occasion. Take a closer look at their immensely refined details in our catalog and choose the one sporting the color and pattern you like the most.

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