World Wall Maps

Different Types Of World Wall Maps

If you love travelling, learning about what is happening in various countries, whether you are a geography teacher or a student, and you want to add something in your home to go in line with your amusement, then the ferm living world map wall sticker is the best choice for you. There are so many ways you can make your room look amazing using the world stickers and this is what we are going to discuss below.

  1. Classic contour 

If you are a person who loves geography and loves going through the atlas a lot to spot specific things that not everyone can, this is the best choice for you. This sticker gives you a sense of the atlas since it has features such as minute elements. When you place it with the right furniture, it makes your home look chic and unique. But if you don’t want such a giant wall sticker, you should opt for a smaller one that overlooks a sideboard or a table, or you can make a collage of small world stickers to make an impact. 

  1. Wooden worlds

Wooden furniture gives your home an Indian vibe because of the integral parts. Wooden furniture makes your home warm and gives it an organic vibe. The world map sticker works the same way as the wooden interior, and this is something unique that you don’t get from all stickers. What you can do to make this rigid texture blend with your home is when adding a solid black backdrop. 

  1. Muted sophistication 

When you want to add some fabulous style into your home without feeling like you are trying too much, muted hue is the best idea for you to go with. This sticker is a floor-to-ceiling world map that has been styled in two-toned browns making it very alluring, just like its counterpart. When you have a multicoloured home, this is the best wall sticker for you because it blends with all different types of colours. 

  1. Colour chaos

When you have a huge room or a room that has been designed completely using neutrals, this sticker is the best choice you can ever make. The good thing about this sticker is that it’s easy to put on your wall, and once it’s on, it introduces a happy splash of colour and stands out from its surroundings amazingly. 

  1. Minimalist beauty 

You don’t have to have a bold world wall sticker in your home sometimes; simple is also perfect. You can look for a world wall sticker that doesn’t have too many details but blends with your home’s furniture and colour of your walls. 


Home decor is unique, and everyone loves making their home look vibrant, lovely and unique. To do this, you also have to incorporate extraordinary things so that your home can reach the level you want it to, and that’s why we have talked of different world wall stickers you could put in your home or room to make them look lovely. 

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