What are the Benefits of Choosing a Cotton Futon Mattress?

What are the Benefits of Choosing a Cotton Futon Mattress?

The futon mattresses have gained huge popularity over the last few years. It is their versatility that has made futons extremely familiar on home turf. And when it comes to choosing the right futon mattress, it is not unusual for one to feel lost amid the countless options available in the market. But taking into consideration all the aspects, a cotton futon mattress tops the chart irrespective of region and customer type.

But before you invest in the cotton variants let’s understand why it is highly preferred!

  • The cotton futon mattresses can not only serve as your bed but as a sofa as well in case you have guests.
  • ●       They are quite flexible and can be aired.
  • These mattresses can be folded, helping in a better arrangement of your space.
  • Their mattress covers are replaceable. So you get the liberty of changing their appearance from time to time.
  • You get to purchase the futon frame and the mattress separately, catering to your taste.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing a Cotton Futon Mattress?

Cotton always has been the most recommended fabric for day-to-day usage across the globe for its skin-friendly attributes. Then why not consider it as your sleeping surface too? Here’s jotting down some of the best advantages of bringing home a cotton futon:

Good Cushioning

For a good night’s sleep, all you need is good cushioning. Your relaxing hours demand a soft touch for uninterrupted slumber. Unfortunately, synthetic fabrics fail to make one cozy or can even irritate the skin. Especially, if you have elderly people or children at home, cotton futons should be your priority. In case your existing futon is an artificial one, at least make sure to use a 100% cotton cover on top.

Less Allergic Reactions

When you are buying a cotton futon mattress, try to enquire whether it is organic or not. The organic futons, unlike the memory foam or coiled mattresses, have lesser chances of trapping dirt, mold, bacteria, etc. Organic cotton is hypoallergenic, and the perfect choice for those who often suffer from allergies.

The standard mattresses available in the stores are made of synthetic materials. They can be identified by their off-gassing properties that release Benzene, a chemical responsible for cancer. Truth be told, even conventional cotton uses several pesticides and herbicides, like Fluometuron, Aldicarb, Glyphosate Roundup, Ethephon, Paraquat, Mepiquat Chloride, Acephate, Monocarbamide dihydrogen sulfate, Phorate, Dimethipin, among others.

Repeated exposure to such harmful chemicals over a long period develops a slow, chronic poisoning, having adverse effects on toddlers, including:

  • speech difficulties
  • impaired memory
  • depression
  • insomnia
  • sleepwalking
  • headache
  • loss of appetite
  • disorientation
  • malaise

Such symptoms and diseases can grow in adults as well, but in children, the impacts are more unfavorable and quick.

On the contrary, the organic fibers are not spun in yarn and free of any agricultural chemicals and GMOs. To be completely sure, check for the USDA or the United States Department of Agriculture certification while buying. 

Better Air Circulation

Memory foams and synthetic fibers restrict airflow. So if you toss and turn all through the night struggling with the heat, then it is time to switch to cotton. While synthetic mattresses retain heat, the cotton futon mattresses are made of breathable materials. They ensure better airflow that helps to regulate your body temperature.

Moisture Wicking

Have you ever wondered why the residents of hot and humid or tropical climates prefer cotton over other fabrics so much? Well, this is because of cotton’s moisture-wicking properties. Some people tend to suffer from night sweats or excessive perspiration at night. Although mostly this is no serious symptom, it can cause utter discomfort and can even lead to sleeplessness. 

Cotton naturally absorbs the unwanted moisture from the body, leaving the skin fresh and dry and translating to a comfortable sleep. Moreover, the absorbed sweat does not damage the mattress as it dries off quickly. You can put your mattress in the sun once a week to prevent it from dampening.

No Motion Transfer

If you have been a fan of the waterbeds and slept on the same, you surely are aware of its setbacks too. Sharing such bouncy beds with a partner can be disturbing due to its high motion transfer. Cotton futons are known for their less transmission of such waves as they efficiently absorb the energy. So even with a restless partner by your side, you enjoy absolute sleeping serenity!

Easy Cleaning

Just like any other stuff at your home, your mattress also needs to be washed. While other mattresses give you a hard time at cleaning, cotton futons only need to be taken outside and you can shake the dust off easily. If you wish to cleanse it with water, just go ahead and hang it outside. The daylight is more than enough to make it dry.

Organic cotton futon mattresses are durable than several costly mattresses. Whereas the innerspring mattresses lose elasticity in a few years, cotton futons have a lifespan of about 15 years with proper maintenance. They can be refilled when displaced too! So while picking a cotton futon, check the online reviews and product description thoroughly. Remember, your and your family’s sleep is priceless!

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